Easy-to-use, full-featured presentation app

  • Free-hand scribbling
  • Formattable rich text
  • Animate shapes individually or in groups
  • Choose from eight slide transitions
  • Create, resize, rotate shapes and tables
  • 900+ fonts, 3000+ emoji, 130 shapes

Supports pptx, pdf, svg, png, jpeg, Google Slides

format_bold format_italic format_underlined strikethrough_s subscript superscript

Text Formatting

Apply standard text formatting options to textboxes and tables.
Wrap text around shapes and images.
Choose from more than 900 Google fonts.

format_align_left format_align_center format_align_right format_indent_decrease format_indent_increase format_list_bulleted format_list_numbered

Paragraph Formatting

Text alignment and indentation
Bulleted and numbered lists
Line and character spacing

bar_chart pie_chart area_chart stacked_line_chart


Bar, pie, area and line charts
Customize chart colors and fonts
Color-coded chart legend

polyline gesture

Shapes and Emoji

130 shapes and 3000 Twitter emoji
Polylines, splines, pies, arcs, block arcs, and chords
Free-hand scribbling